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This year’s Stay Home and Read a Book Ball has passed, but you can still celebrate and support the Los Angeles Public Library by donating online any time during the year!

The Stay Home and Read a Book Ball is the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’ oldest and most popular fundraising campaign. People can support and promote the Los Angeles Public Library from the comfort of their own homes. Lovers of the Library receive invitations to participate and celebrate one of the City’s most vital institutions and what it means: free and open access to information, lifelong learning, and democracy. When they make “reservations” to this “non-event,” they donate gifts (amounts of their own choosing) to support the Library’s educational and cultural programs, including the award-winning series ALOUD at Central Library.

The Stay Home and Read a Book Ball contributions are fully tax-deductible. No goods, services, or benefits are provided.

To learn more about the Stay Home and Read a Book Ball, please contact Erin Sapinoso, Associate Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, at 213.292.6248 or erinsapinoso@lfla.org.


Salman Rushdie

“Enjoy intimacy with a stranger, in the privacy of your own thoughts. That’s what reading is: an intimate encounter between the writer’s imagination and your own. How can you resist? Get a book out of the library and start reading!”

Aimee Bender

“There are ghostly footprints all over the library of all of us dancing as we read.”

Josh Kun

“This is the party of my dreams: I can go by not going. I can hit the town by staying home. No small talk. No Uber. No 1 a.m. freeway lane closures. Just me and a book and the millions of parties that lie waiting inside its pages.”

Colin Hanks

“To me, the Library represents the public good. Everything the Library does, which is so much more than just checking out books, serves the public in the best possible way. I can’t see the city of Los Angeles surviving without it.”

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