Performances by David Ornette Cherry, Jan Cherry, and Organic Roots
MC'ed by Mark Maxwell
June 24, 2013

The late great trumpeter Don Cherry grew up in Watts, jammed with Latin bands while in middle school, and went on to play with jazz greats John Coltrane, Billy Higgins, Charlie Haden and saxophonist Ornette Coleman, to name a few. Cherry, whose very life was a free-flowing improvisation, traveled the world incorporating a diverse mix of instruments and sounds into his music—which evolved into a spirited culture of its own. In this first tribute to Don Cherry in his hometown, a host of local musicians including two of Cherry’s children, pay homage to this beloved pioneer of jazz and world music.

The full length album recording is available via iTunes; David Ornette Cherry’s Hummingbird Organic Nation Listening Club is available at Blogtalk Radio.


Special thanks to Barbara Lawrence and family, Moki, Neneh Cherry, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Christian Cherry, Hummingbird,
Susan Price, Carletta Hewitt Cherry, Maurice Spears, World Stage, Chuck Johnson, and Susan Banyas.
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