Bryant Austin, A Mother Listens, 2006.

Bryant Austin, A Mother Listens, 2006.

Can a 500-page novel published in 1851 speak across the ages to a person in Southern California in the 21st Century?

Is our understanding of this classic tale of obsession, digression, and revenge influenced by reading it on the Pacific Coast rather than the shores of the Atlantic?

Can we turn back the ethical time clock to a time when hunting whales was the old normal and not judge it with our contemporary sensibility?

Are there lessons to be learned from studying a character that compels men to follow him to their doom by force of his charismatic personality?

This fall, the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Public Library invite you, dear reader, to discover or rediscover the great literary masterpiece, Moby Dick, through the lens of the modern and equally mythical Southern California state of mind.  Join us for an unparalleled, month-long city-wide adventure into the minds of author Herman Melville, Captain Ahab and the great white whale itself – Moby Dick.

The Library Foundation of Los Angeles is grateful to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the WHH Foundation for their generous support of this project.