A Letter from Claudia Rankine

Dear Reader,

It is my honor to invite you to join me in celebrating the 33rd Annual Stay Home and Read a Book Ball. At a time when Americans are staying home for safety and care for their communities, what better way to still explore the world, meet interesting people, and enjoy new experiences than by being transported to faraway lands through a great book?

Libraries spark curiosity and provide free opportunities for growth and learning at any stage of life. Our democracy depends on the work that public libraries do best: promoting literacy, education, and equal access to trusted information. No other American institution offers the same range of resources, from community building to professional development, from college prep to paths to citizenship, from artistic discovery to fundamental conversations on our most pressing issues.

As a child, I could often be found in the stacks of the New York Public Library on Allerton Avenue in the Bronx. I read through the stacks alphabetically, beginning with every book by Louisa May Alcott, and would walk home eagerly with two full shopping bags of books, ready to devour them. My mother was flummoxed, thinking these books were assigned by the school, and was always complaining to my teachers that the homework kept me up past mid night. In fact, I was just cementing my love of reading, which was (and continues to be) a gateway to my love of writing.

By participating in the Stay Home and Read a Book Ball, you will be supporting the free resources provided to millions through the Los Angeles Public Library’s virtual programming for all ages (Online Tutoring, Career Online High School, Adult Literacy, and more) which has expanded to meet record-breaking demand. Staying home to read a book is one of the easiest and safest things to do right now, so why not make a special night of it? On Sunday, March 7, join me in having a ball from the comfort of home while supporting the Los Angeles Public Library. If you value the Library’s mission to empower all Angelenos to transform their lives through equitable access to resources and information, please show your support and give generously.

Claudia Rankine 


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