Dennis Lehane, Master of All Genres, Coming Soon to ALOUD

May 04, 2017

International bestselling author and screenwriter Dennis Lehane grew up in Boston and is known for his edgy, morally complex, and effortlessly masterful stories that often take place in his hometown. Now a resident of Los Angeles, many of his novels have been adapted into award-winning films, including Mystic River, Shutter Island, Gone, Baby, Gone, and the recently released prohibition-era drama Live by Night, which is directed by and stars Ben Affleck. He has written for television, including episodes of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, where he also served as a producer.

Dennis Lehane (credit Gaby Gerster,Diogenes, Zuric)

Dennis Lehane. Phot credit: Gaby Gerster, Diogenes, Zuric.

His new book, Since We Fell, follows the psychological drama of Rachel Childs, a former journalist who after an on-air mental breakdown must reckon with the truths of her new reality. From this searing story of suspense to his literary novels, historical fiction, and work in film and television, Lehane will discuss his dynamic work with fellow book and screen writer Attica Locke at ALOUD on May 23. As we get ready to hear from Lehane—click here for tickets—you can binge on his books, movies, and TV series from the Los Angeles Public Library’s collection.

Mystic River–Check out the DVD or read the book.

Gone Baby Gone–Check out the DVD or read the book.

Shutter Island–Check out the DVD or read the book.

Live by Night–Place a hold on the DVD or read the book.

Boardwalk Empire–Check out the DVDs.

The Wire–Check out the DVDs.

Learn more about ALOUD’s upcoming program with Dennis Lehane.







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