Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Jul 06, 2017

If you don’t know what to expect for this Monday’s Lost & Found at the Movies: The Dinner Game, you’re not alone. Series curator John Nein doesn’t know either, but that’s one of the delightful aspects of the series. What we do know is that movie history’s best and worst dinners frequently hinge around strange twists, unexpected guests, and drunken debauchery.

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But here are a few things you can expect. If you’re wondering about IMDb founder Col Needham’s favorite films, we’ll ask him. He managed to meet a personal goal of seeing 10,000 movies before his 50th birthday, which was earlier this year, and he’s a prolific user of his own IMDb list-making (you’ll find some fun ones like top 10 Roman Empire films and an appreciation of 70s paranoia).

And as promised, we’ve assembled an unpredictable, irreverent group of self-avowed film lovers to play a “dinner game” that has been a staple at the dinners that Col and IMDb throw a few times a year at various festivals.

Our guests include the always hilarious actress Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live, Superstar, Other People), filmmaker Miguel Arteta (Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl, Cedar Rapids), producer Lynette Howell Taylor (Captain Fantastic, Blue Valentine, Half Nelson) and Sundance Film Festival Director John Cooper.

By coincidence, both Molly and Miguel were at Sundance this year with these dinner movies:

And if you need to brush up on your dinner etiquette before you arrive, here are some helpful tips from a 1940s dinner party:

Learn more about this upcoming Lost and Found on July 10 and make your free reservation to attend.





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