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Dreams, Genes, & Machines: Are We Living Science Fiction? Gene Editing with Dr. April Pyle

April Pyle
In conversation with Karen Kaplan
October 9, 2019

The leaps and advances of science and technology to revolutionize human DNA have sparked fierce public debate about what the future of gene editing holds for humanity. Moving beyond some of the alarming sci-fi scenarios of gene editing, groundbreaking scientists are harnessing the power of these biological breakthroughs to save lives. At Dr. April Pyle’s laboratory at UCLA, she investigates human pluripotent stem cell biology and differentiation of these cells for use in regenerative medicine, including therapeutic approaches for patients with muscular dystrophy. Discussing with the Los Angeles Times’ science and medicine editor Karen Kaplan, Dr. Pyle takes the stage to shed light on the reality of stem cell research today.

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