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Lost and Found at the Movies:
A Fellini Centenary Celebration in 8 ½ Parts

Natasha Lyonne, Mira Nair, Suzanne Rust, and John Sayles
In conversation with John Nein
December 15, 2020

As we approach the end of this Felliniesque year, we’ll celebrate the centenary of one of cinema’s greatest artists, a filmmaker who reminded us that life is a circus. Lost & Found at the Movies unspools its first online edition to pay tribute to the enduring legacy of Federico Fellini, born 100 years ago. In liberating the form, Fellini has inspired generations of filmmakers and left us a body of work “stamped with an unmistakable maker’s mark,” as Roger Ebert called it. We look back at that vast legacy with special guests, Natasha Lyonne, Mira Nair, Suzanne Rust, John Sayles, in a program featuring memorable movie moments, a glimpse of Cinecittà, memories of a comparsa, kitchen secrets from Giulietta Masina, and…the meaning of “Asa Nisi Masa.”

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