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Mind and Machine: Understanding AI’s Impact on Youth Mental Health

Curated and moderated by Avriel Epps
Featuring Kashyap Rajesh, Sneha Revanur, Dr. Brendesha Tynes
March 28, 2024

Join us for the first of a special ALOUD series on AI where we take a compelling look into the interaction between young people and AI systems, exploring subconscious perceptions and the significant effects of AI on youth mental health and development.

ALOUD on Ideas is an ongoing series that will take a thematic look at subjects that are particularly relevant to our time. This season, ALOUD presents Navigating the AI Maze: Investigating Artificial Intelligence in Our Lives: A Three-Part Series curated by Avriel Epps aimed at demystifying Artificial Intelligence, exploring its multifaceted impact on both society at large and our individual well-being.

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