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Unfolding Language: Rigoberto González + Douglas Kearney + Chris Kraus

Rigoberto González, Douglas Kearney, Chris Kraus
Reading and lecture
March 22, 2018

In collaboration with The Broad’s Jasper Johns: ‘Something Resembling Truth’ – an exhibition featuring six decades of work and more than 120 of Jasper Johns’ most iconic and significant works, ALOUD explores the centrality of writers to Johns’ creative practice by presenting two evenings of readings by contemporary authors, presenting texts from Johns’ literary muses, Samuel Beckett, Ted Berrigan, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Hart Crane, Frank O’Hara, and Herman Melville.

In this, the first of two evenings in Oculus Hall at The Broad, hear Chris Kraus, Douglas Kearney, and Rigoberto Gonzalez read and respond to the work of a chosen writer, while also sharing from their own work.

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