The Los Angeles Public Library Adult Education initiative consists of Adult Literacy and Career Online High School.  The initiative helps adults of all ages improve core literacies, develop skills for the workforce, and pursue lifelong learning.  Services are available to anyone over the age of 18, free of charge, and include one-on-one literacy tutors, drop-in classes, and a variety of other web-based and in-person resources to help adults reach their personal literacy goals, develop English language mastery, promote the joy of reading in their own homes, and even earn their high school diploma and a career certificate.

Adult Literacy
Adult Literacy pairs adult learners seeking to improve their English reading and writing skills with one-on-one tutors. Students set personal literacy goals with their tutors and work to meet these goals over the course of their time in the program, which can range from a few months to a few years, depending on their particular goals and pace. Students also have access to themed classes, drop-in tutoring sessions, conversation practice sessions, and web-based tools to practice and further build their literacy skills independently. Students who reach their goals receive a certificate of completion.

Students who are not yet ready to participate in Adult Literacy Services may enroll in the Library’s Limited English Proficiency Services, which supports learners in gaining fluency in their native language. Students can also participate in Families for Literacy, which supports families in developing an appreciation of reading and building literacy skills together.

Career Online High School
Career Online High School provides adults who did not complete their high school education in a traditional classroom setting the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and career certificate at no charge.  Students age 19 and older are paired with an academic coach who guides students in developing an academic and career plan. Over the span of time that typically ranges up to 18 months, students complete a condensed high school curriculum as well as a specialized career track of their choice completely online, on their own schedule. Students who complete all required coursework with satisfactory grades earn a fully accredited high school diploma and career certificate.

Adult Literacy Services at the Los Angeles Public Library is supported by the generosity of:

  • Caroline Singleton Endowment
  • Flora Thornton Foundation
  • Dean Hansell Endowment
  • Sharon Oxborough Endowment for Adult Literacy
  • MUFG Union Bank Foundation
  • Luvh Rahke