Who wants to Stay Home and Read? Turns out a lot of folks!

Mar 15, 2012

What fun we’ve been having with our “Stay Home and Read a Book Ball” social media campaign! If you’re not already following us on Twitter or Facebook, here’s a little sample of who has joined the conversation…

who do you want at your table? #stayhomereadball http://www.lfla.dev/event-detail/722/The-Stay-Home-and-Read-a-Book-Ball

Preliminary #stayhomereadball results are in! Readers want to be seated with: Raymond Chandler, Zora Neale Hurston and Jack Kerouac!

@LibraryFoundLA Finishing Robert Harris’ “The Ghost” and rereading Arturo Perez-Reverte’s masterpiece “The Club Dumas.”

A great plan for the #stayhomereadball: 1. settle into bed 2. open a #book to #read 3. sleep! http://www.lfla.dev/event-detail/722/The-Stay-Home-and-Read-a-Book-Ball

We’d like 2 thank Imani from the @LibraryFoundLA 4 our latest pic & want 2 remind you all 2 check out #StayHomeReadBall http://bit.ly/xPLTli

@LibraryFoundLA Amazing idea! #booksareawesome

Reading with Dora. Children can have a ball, too! #stayhomereadball http://www.lfla.dev/event-detail/722/The-Stay-Home-and-Read-a-Book-Ball http://pic.twitter.com/MKJt5ek3

So, the Stay Home and Read a Book Ball is March 23. http://www.lfla.dev/event-detail/722/The-Stay-Home-and-Read-a-Book-Ball @LibraryFoundLA

Distinguished author and new LFLA Board member Attica Locke has also joined the fun! Follow her tweets here.

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