A Treatise on the Benefits of Membership

You may be a card carrying member of the Los Angeles Public Library, but are you a card carrying member of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles?  The Library Foundation’s primary reason for being is to support and strengthen the Los Angeles Public Library, which begs the question, why wouldn’t you be a member?  Just think about what the library really means…

Public Library = Cornerstone of Democracy
We all have free and universal access to information thanks to the Los Angeles Public Library.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what information you seek.  Library patrons have the opportunity to actively participate in any and all aspects of society through the search and discovery of information in books, media collections, free programs, and the expertise of librarians.  As technology continues its rapid advancement, the Library makes sure that technology and digital information are available for all, even for job searches and employment development.  The Los Angeles Public Library provides access to knowledge for the residents of our city to create, share, and use information and engage in civic life.

Public Library = Institution of Learning
Individuals of any age, gender, ethnicity, belief system, and income level can receive an education through the free university that is the Los Angeles Public Library.  People utilize resources at 73 Public Libraries to embark on journeys of discovery and exploration into other worlds.  Adults develop English literacy skills through one-on-one tutoring; K-12 students and adult learners access an online tutoring service that provides one-on-one help; and, teens participate in workshops that prepare them for college entrance exams and applications.  Even pre-school children (ages 0-5) build pre-literacy skills by participating in read-alouds and storytimes with their parents.  Visit the Los Angeles Public Library to be a student of personal growth and development and pursue a degree in lifelong learning.

Public Library = Curator of Culture
The Los Angeles Public Library celebrates critical thought, creativity, and humanity.  People come to the Central Library galleries and they can experience a photography exhibit on the social unrest and uprisings of the Mexican Revolution; or they can trace the growth of their city in historical maps; or they can enjoy the whimsy of vintage film posters, publicity photographs, postcards and advertisements from the Hollywood collection.  The Library Foundation’s own ALOUD program recognizes the importance of art, science, politics, and literature by bringing together the brightest minds to engage in critical discussions with each other and the public.  By the way, these cultural programs are also free and open to everyone!

So, what are the benefits of membership?

  • Knowing that you are supporting something that really matters – the Los Angeles Public Library
  • Assurance that our city’s children, teens, and adults will continue to have access to critical information, technology, programs and services
  • Being part of a community of like-minded people who are dedicated to and believe in a great cause that is important in our society

Membership starts at $50, and there are several different levels at which you can be involved.  Take a look at the membership breakdown below, visit our website at http://www.lfla.dev/support/ or contact me at (213) 228-7552 or [email protected] for additional information.  My name is Erin Sapinoso.  I’m the membership director, and I would be happy to hear from you!

Wait! There’s more!
Members, we are grateful for your support!  Member Appreciation Days are this weekend!  On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday May 11 to 13, 2012, you can show your valid Library Foundation membership card at any of the following institutions and receive reciprocal free admission and 20% store discounts:

California Science Center
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Chinese American Museum
FIDM Museum & Galleries (Friday & Saturday only)
Fowler Museum at UCLA
Hammer Museum
Heritage Square Museum
J. Paul Getty Museum
Japanese American National Museum
The Library Store at Central Library (Friday & Saturday only)
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The Museum of Contemporary Art
MOCA Grand Avenue
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
MOCA Pacific Design Center
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Museum of Latin American Art
Orange County Museum of Art
Pacific Asia Museum
Pasadena Museum of California Art
Pasadena Museum of History
The San Diego Museum of Art
Skirball Cultural Center (Saturday & Sunday only)

We’d love your feedback!  Let us know what you think of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles membership program by taking a short survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LPCXHH6.

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