E-books, Lawsuits, Rain, and Groosling

The cagey path of e-books got a bit more crooked this week with authors’ opposition to the Justice Department’s suit against Apple and five publishers. In this Los Angeles Times article by Carolyn Kellogg, Michael Connelly and Sherman Alexie spoke out with their concerns on the “misguided lawsuit” intended to regulate e-book pricing.

How best (for the author vs. for the publisher vs. for the reader) to move forward with the market of e-books remains unclear. But protecting a diversity of platforms, both online and of the printed sort, is critical for all avenues of business. In order to protect books, you must read them! The good news? On a rare, rainy Los Angeles day, when you might not feel like sloshing out to your neighborhood branch, you can check out e-books for free using your Los Angeles Public Library card. Click here to download a free book for up to three weeks to your Kindle, iPad, computer, or cell phone. And yes, you can also renew any of these classics, bestsellers, and crazy “Hunger Games” recipes. What will you check out today?

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