Fall in Love with Los Angeles at ALOUD

What do you see when you wander the streets of L.A.? On July 9, ALOUD invites you to explore our city in a new way, with Love, Los Angeles: A Conversation in Words and Images featuring local journalist and essayist Lynell George and poet Marisela Norte. Both writers will share their photographs and texts–a series of notes, fragments, reflections and odes that each have collected while navigating the quickly-changing landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Whether traveling on foot from Boyle Heights to Venice and the Miracle Mile to Arcadia, or crisscrossing time, place, dreams, and memory from the driver’s seat of a car, these observations of hope, grit, faith and longing will be presented for the first time on stage. Paired with a live DJ mix by Frosty of dublab, the artists will create the perfect backdrop for us to eavesdrop on this intimate look into the heart of our city.

In advance of the ALOUD program, here’s a sneak peek into an inspiring vision of Los Angeles–as experienced by these two native daughters.

Love LA 1

“Every morning I wait
For the light to change my mind…”
–Marisela Norte


Love LA 2

“Both my parents traveled here from elsewhere.
To this heaven.
From one hustle to the next.”
–Lynell George


Love LA 3

“The Los Angeles Public Transit Story
Where we have been cast as
Stangers on the same train of thought…”
–Marisela Norte



Love LA 4
“Waiting is part of some larger agreement we Angelenos made with fate.”
–Lynell George


Love LA 5
“’These dreams are not for you’ he whispered.”
–Marisela Norte


Love LA 6

“Satin and sequins.
Lace and leather.
And those ankle-turning heels – because we do walk in L.A., we do…”
–Lynell George


Love LA 7

“I seem to have lost Los Angeles,
as if the city were a set of keys
I’ve somehow misplaced.”
–Lynell George


Learn more about the upcoming program here.


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