Feeding Roy Choi’s Appetite at the Library

Here’s one of our favorite photos from Wednesday’s ALOUD program with chefs Roy Choi and Ludo Lefebvre.  Yes, Roy will eat anything.  He’s been consuming books at his local library since he was a little kid.  We were pleased to see his appetite is still voracious.

Oh, and if you read the earlier post about our curiosity over the chef’s reactions to our green room fare, I’m happy to report that Roy was beside himself with excitement (and awe?) over the string cheese.  That’s right, we provide a little pre-event old-school lunch box-style nostalgia for our guests with offerings of string cheese (to complement the dried apricots, of course.)

Check out the event page for more photos and the comical, engaging dialogue between Roy and Ludo, as led by LA Mag’s dine editor, Lesley Bargar Suter.

Also, explore the L.A. Public Library’s menu collection through this new project at LA Weekly  which is featuring menus from the collection on a weekly basis.

-Photo by Gary Leonard.  -Post by Maureen Moore

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