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    Podcast | April 12, 2012

    Concrete Rivers:
    The Emotional Topography of LA

    Wanda Coleman and Lewis MacAdams

    Two celebrated poets read from their most recent work and discuss how Los Angeles has influenced their writing, how some…

    Podcast | May 28, 2015

    Ordinary Light: A Memoir

    Tracy K. Smith

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet visits ALOUD to discuss her new memoir, a gorgeous kaleidoscope of self and family, that explores…

    Podcast | July 9, 2015

    Love, Los Angeles:
    A Conversation in Words and Images

    Marisela Norte, Lynell George

    “Love, Los Angeles” is a letter in progress—a series of notes, fragments, reflections and odes—written by two native daughters navigating…

    Video | March 15, 2012

    From the Outside Looking In:
    Writers Finding Their Place in Los Angeles

    Michael Tolkin, Joyce Farmer, Marisela Norte, Lynell George, Bernard Cooper, David L. Ulin

    Literary Los Angeles has always existed apart from our country’s publishing capital—3,000 miles apart, to be exact. What does this…

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