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    Podcast | November 20, 2014

    The Future of the Religious Past: Assessing The Norton Anthology of World Religions

    Jack Miles, Reza Aslan, Rabbi Sharon Brous

    The comprehensive new Norton Anthology of World Religions, under the editorial direction of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Miles, assembles primary texts…

    Podcast | January 25, 2007

    Can Religion and Reason be Reconciled?

    Reza Aslan, Sam Harris

    Aslan (No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam) and Harris (The End of Faith: Religion, Terror,…

    Podcast | February 2, 2006

    The Coming Reformation of Islam:
    A Conversation

    Reza Aslan

    Join two brilliant scholars of religion for a fascinating discussion on the internal conflict within Islam over the scope and…

    Podcast | November 9, 2010

    Tablet And Pen:
    Literary Landscapes From The Middle East

    Aimee Bender, Howard Gordon, Heather Graham, Jamie Ray Newman, Sholeh Wolpe, Gideon Yago, Necar Zadegan, and Hamid Saeidi

    The literary anthology Tablet & Pen: Literary Landscapes from the Modern Middle East, as assembled by Reza Aslan, features literature…

    Video | November 5, 2013

    The Pomegranate Lady and Her Sons

    Goli Taraghi, Reza Aslan

    In her new collection of selected stories, Taraghi—one of Iran’s best-known and most critically acclaimed authors—draws on her childhood experiences…

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