Oldies but Goodies

In honor of National Library week, we thought we’d round up a few of our favorite tried-and-true library related items. These may not be the newest things in our store, but we can’t bear to not stock them- they’re just so perfect for our collection of library goods! Starting with the image above, the I Left My Heart in the Library postcard from Paper Pastries. It’s hand stamped by Miss Paper Pastry herself, here in LA.

For the budding young librarians among us, we have the Little Librarian Kit. It comes ready with library cards, reading awards, book slips, and even overdue notices! Everything a young reader needs to turn their collection into a functional library. Make sure you return that book on time though! We’re training them young these days….

If you’d feel kinda silly lending out your book with a florescent pink library pocket, we have an adult version Personal Library Kit as well.  It’s all the fun of the kids version, just in more muted tones (and no overdue slips, sorry).

This mug sums up how we feel about the library… it’s just cool! You can come here, check out a book on practically anything, sit in on a free lecture, check out a free exhibit, lounge in the beautiful gardens outside, and just have yourself a wonderful day! Who wouldn’t love their library?


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