Sneak Peek: John Landis, Man of Many Genres

The mastermind behind such wide-reaching works as Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Kentucky Fried Movie, Trading Places, iThree Amigos!, Coming to America, American Werewolf in London, as well as the “Thriller” music video and the documentary Slasher, cannot be pinned down to a single genre, style, influence, or interest. On Wednesday, August 24, Lost & Found at the Movies returns to welcome the genre-bending filmmaker John Landis to Central Library. “It’s impossible to distill Landis’ love of film down to a theme,” says John Nein, curator of Lost & Found. “The theme of his life and work is best explored through all themes and the program will look at how he grew up with comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, musicals, monster movies, and the many influences that make him tick.” Before Landis takes the stage to discuss everything from beginning his career in the Fox mailroom, to working as a stunt man killed in movies by Sylvester Stallone, to making his own legendary films—here are a few fun watches spotlighting his uncategorical body of work.



Learn more about attending the “John Landis, Man of Many Genres” program. After the program Landis will be signing copies of his book, Monsters in the Movies, recently reissued in paperback.

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