The Library Store is Hitting the Road!

Christine & Sarah filling up the gas tank for the long drive back to downtown LA.

We’ve been hinting around a bit about our new project on Twitter & Facebook… so you may have already heard. If not, may I present to you — The Library Store Mobile! We just picked up our new (to us…) truck from Fontana this morning, and drove it all the way down the I10 to Los Angeles. Now we begin the task of transforming this ex-L.A. County utility van into The Library Store on wheels! You’ll be able to follow our locations on Twitter, and then come shop from us without having to drive into downtown L.A.! We’ll be charting out a map of library branches all over Los Angeles where we’ll park outside, and everyone can come in, shop, and support LAPL with their purchases! We’re aiming to be road ready early this December. Be sure to follow our progress here on the blog, read our tweets, and “like” us on Facebook to stay in the know! Hopefully The Library Store Mobile will be pulling up to your local library branch in just a few short weeks!

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