Full STEAM Ahead is an integrated Library initiative that promotes literacy across the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. Activities focus on different aspects of STEM learning while art—the “A” in STEAM—is incorporated to nurture creativity. Participants experiment, explore, and make connections to themes in science and related fields, becoming empowered to see the world differently. The initiative provides tens of thousands of children, teens, and adults with hundreds of hours of experiential learning opportunities that include hands-on workshops, neighborhood science activities, “maker” projects, demonstrations, performances, and presentations.


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Full STEAM Ahead at the Los Angeles Public Library is supported by the generosity of:

  • Edison International
  • Renewable Resources Group
  • Visionary Women
  • Young Literati Toast

To learn more about funding opportunities for Full STEAM Ahead, please contact Imani Harris, Senior Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, at 213.292.6264 or [email protected].

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