Stay Home and Read on Sunday, March 1!

A message from Library Foundation President, Ken Brecher

Dear Reader,

In Los Angeles, there is no shortage of events to attend or destinations to explore, but on Sunday, March 1st, I invite you to join me and thousands across the city in staying home and reading a book for a great cause.

This Sunday, I’ll be celebrating the 32nd Annual Stay Home and Read a Book Ball by reading from the comfort of home. The best part about participating in this beloved “non-event” is that while you enjoy a great book or audiobook, you will also be supporting the Los Angeles Public Library’s Cybernauts program. Cybernauts are tech-savvy staff that offer one-on-one computer assistance and technology training at libraries across the city. This program helps bridge the digital divide by ensuring that everyone has the capacity to fully engage in society, democracy and the economy.

Visit your local library to pick up a book that will inspire you, transport you, or spark your curiosity to learn something new. Or, explore the millions of digital e-media resources available at However you choose your pages, remember to share your love for the Library by donating today.

I won’t see you on Sunday, March 1st, but I do hope you find a book – or several – that will make this year’s Stay Home and Read a Book Ball the best “non-event” yet.

Best wishes,

Ken Brecher
President, Library Foundation of Los Angeles

All Stay Home and Read a Book Ball contributions are fully tax-deductible. No goods, services, or benefits are provided, and is not a contribution towards Membership.

To learn more about the Stay Home and Read a Book Ball, please contact Sarah Charleton, Membership Director,
at 213.292.6242 or [email protected].

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