Statement on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


  • In JUSTICE as a transformative process that requires a continuous commitment to pursuing the goals of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our communities. Justice is a constant practice of the values outlined within this statement and a proactive pursuit of healing and growth.
  • That EQUITY should level the playing field for those with limited resources, as well as contribute to internal growth in our organization. The core of our fundraising is to create equitable opportunities for all Angelenos to gain free access to information through Los Angeles Public Library programs. We hope to eliminate barriers as we further implement equity into our everyday organizational culture.
  • That DIVERSITY is a concept that celebrates our various backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints; it is not just a noun that refers to numbers, statistics, or checked boxes. Striving for variety alone does not effectively address systemic inequities or injustices, and it does not automatically foster inclusion.
  • That INCLUSION of patrons from all walks of life is one of the Los Angeles Public Library’s greatest assets. Similarly, as a private Foundation that works in partnership and in support of the LAPL, we believe that having a diverse array of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds is immensely beneficial to our organization, our mission, and our work.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE that the experiences of marginalized communities of all kinds are still marked by biases, prejudices, and in the worst cases, illegal action. We are responsible for our own learning and growth in matters of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. This means being open minded and willing to engage in honest and respectful conversations.

WE COMMIT to setting and reinforcing values that uphold justice and equity in the workplace. We further commit to ensuring these values inform strategic plans and goal-setting across our organization to promote equitable practices and alignment with our vision and our mission to those we serve. We understand that there is much more work to be done, but we commit to always being on the forward path to growth.