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Song of Myself:
Walt Whitman in Other Words

Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Christopher Merrill, Sholeh Wolpé
Musical performance by Sahba Motallebi
June 30, 2015

With all of its American idioms, virtues, and contradictions, what is it about Walt Whitman’s epic verse Song of Myself that so deeply resonates across other cultures and languages? In 2013, Christopher Merrill, the director of the International Writing Program at The University of Iowa, launched “Every Atom,” a multimedia project to collectively translate the poem in 15 languages, working with fellow poets and translators Luis Alberto Ambroggio and Sholeh Wolpé. Enjoy this spirited evening of poetry and music, featuring a performance by internationally renowned musician Sahba Motallebi, as these collaborators explore how Whitman’s radical poetic vision lives and breathes in English, Persian, and Spanish.

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