Thank you to our generous Sponsors and donors of all levels.
We are very grateful for the support of our Library Legends, Heroes, Champions, Advocates, Enthusiasts, and Admirers that make this beloved “non-event” possible.


Library Heroes ($5,000-$9,999)

  • Helen and Michael Bremer
  • Jay Butterfield
  • Tobi Inlender
  • The Barry and Wendy Meyer Foundation
  • Rick and Judy Richman
  • Abby Sher
  • Barbera Thornhill

Library Champions ($2,500-$4,999)

  • Anonymous
  • Mary Atwater James
  • Joanne Freed and Richard C. Mendelson
  • Allison Thomas
  • Valerie Vanaman
  • Viole Family Foundation
  • Stephanie Vassallo and Holly Whatley

Library Advocates ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Anonymous
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Beckmen
  • Lynn A. Booth
  • Bonnie Brae
  • Gail Buchalter and Warren Breslow
  • Teresa Marie Castelli
  • Carla J. Christofferson
  • Pam and Shannon Clyne
  • Ann and Richard Costello
  • Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas
  • The Daum Family Fund
  • Gerben and Jill Hoeksma
  • Mabel Wong Hogle
  • Joan H. Hotchkis
  • Lisa See and Richard Kendall
  • Ellen Kubo and Allen Kirschenbaum
  • Eric Sommerfeld and Janet Lin
  • Anna and Michael Merritt
  • Merle and Peter Mullin
  • Purcell-Landau Family
  • Marcia Reed
  • Eileen and Chris Rodenhizer
  • Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld
  • Laura and Carlton Seaver
  • David and Judy Shore
  • Ruth Simon
  • Denise McCain-Tharnstrom and Charles Tharnstrom

Library Enthusiasts ($500-$999)

  • Margaret and Danilo Bach 
  • Elayne Bernstein-Landy
  • Yvonne Bogdanovich and Family
  • Peter and Roz Bonerz
  • David and Jacqueline Brearley
  • Ronda and Stanley Breitbard
  • Suzanne Rosenblatt and Jeff Buhai
  • Craig and Susan Burger
  • The Cripe Family
  • Alice R. Dick
  • Judy and Jerry Felsenthal
  • Mr. and Mrs. Irwin S. Field
  • Susan Orlean and John Gillespie
  • Laura Glass
  • Rebecca Graves
  • Nancy and Michael Harahan 
  • Stephen and Hope Heaney
  • Michael and Carolyn Hittleman
  • Heather and Evan Jones
  • Pam Markovitz
  • Mary Miller
  • Susan Morse
  • Katherine L’Amour
  • Jane and Richard Lopatt
  • Fredric and Nadine Rosen
  • David and Susan Rosenblum
  • Patty and Michael Rosenfeld
  • Patton Oswalt and Meredith Salenger
  • Andrew Schneider
  • Gerald and JoAnn Shapiro
  • David and Kim Sonnenblick
  • The Stern Family
  • Christine and Gregory Thorpe
  • Janice and Daniel Wallace

Library Admirers ($250-$499)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Sara Adler
  • Patti Amstutz
  • Fran M. Black
  • Tina Bousquet
  • Brunilda Fe Chavez
  • Ellen Cole
  • Mark Collons in memory of Cary R. Collons
  • Sunita Deshmukh
  • The Deshong Family
  • Don and Tam Dickerson
  • Kathy Dooley
  • Paula Ely
  • Susan and David Finkelman
  • Joan Goldfeder
  • Alison and Jerry Greenberg
  • Dr. Philip Greider
  • Marcy Gross
  • Sylvia and Steven Harrison
  • Kathy Henkel
  • Cydney Stewart and David Hovda
  • Michael Firestein and Deborah Krakow
  • Frank Gruber and Janet Levin
  • Nancy A. Lyon
  • Steve Dubinett and Beth MacKenzie
  • Ronald Brownstein and Eileen McNamin
  • Edward Meltser
  • Pamela and Mark Mischel
  • Norma P. Mota-Altman
  • Jeanne M. Neville
  • Susan and Glen Olson
  • Sharon Oxborough
  • Tom and Carol Pankow
  • Brenda R. Potter
  • Elizabeth Raposo
  • Stacy Lieberman and Jonathan Ritter
  • Nina Rosenfeld
  • Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda and Lamar Sepulveda
  • Elizabeth Swanson
  • Debbie and Russ Swartz
  • Elayne and Thomas Techentin
  • Janis H. Terada
  • Lois and Jim Thompson
  • Kevin Walsh – Children’s Plus, Inc. 
  • Tomi-Jean and Sia Yaghmai
  • Michael and Carolyn Zucker


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